Brewed with Adventure in Cascade Locks, Oregon.


Join us for our 4th Anniversary Party at Thunder Island Brewing Company on Saturday October 21st. We'll be celebrating, rain or shine. 🍻

  • Sat 10/21 11am to 10pm
  • Family Friendly
  • Free Admission

What a wild year it has been, from the icepacolyptic snow storms 🌬❄️ to the Eagle Creek Fire 🔥. It's time for a good ol' fashioned shindig! The fire pit will be blazing and the beer will be flowing. Join us for some new tasty beers, delicious food, good company and live music. 

Music Lineup!

  • 1:30pm Kirch & Athena
    • Sweet local tunes with our very own Athena and her partner Kirch
  • 3:15pm Lumberjack
    • Vagabond Rock n' Roll with a shared love for Roots music
  • 5:15pm Dallas David Ochoa
    • A unique and diverse blend of indie rock, pop, and funk
  • 7:30pm Freak Family All Stars
    • A little bit of rock, bluegrass, and alt-country makes for a Freak-in epic show, featuring legendary Portland musicians Turtle VanDemarr, Roger North, Tye North and Pete Krebs.
60ft NW full lot.jpg
Pictured Left: Our lot on WaNaPa for our forever home. Photo by Piper's Aerial Photography.

ALSO, we're revealing some details of our new building plans! (aka our future home on main street in Cascade Locks). We are beyond excited! We won't be moving anytime soon, but we'll break ground NEXT year and we can't wait to tell you all about it
Thank you all for being apart of our journey these last four years. What a long, strange trip it's been. We couldn't have done it without you. 

Cheers! The Thunder Island Brewing Crew


PLAY & STAY: Consider spending the whole weekend and supporting our local businesses that had to close due to the Eagle Creek Fire!


More info on local businesses at

Trail Magic PINTS

What is "Trail Magic"? Trail magic is the act of lending support to long-distance Pacific Crest Trail travelers. This can be in the form of a hot shower, a home cooked meal, or even a beer purchased at a local trailside brewery! With the increase in the number of PCT hikers on the trail in the past few years, it is evermore important to ensure that the trail magic that we share adheres to Leave No Trace principles.

From the start of the trail in Mexico, Cascade Locks, Oregon is at trail mile 2155. At Thunder Island Brewing Co, we have created a Trail Magic Pint program to spread trail magic that rewards thru-hikers with a cold beer upon reaching us Cascade Locks. 

Since 2014, we have served over 1200+ Trail Magic Pints to PCT thru-hikers at Thunder Island Brewing Co. Thank you all for your contribution to Leave No Trace giving!

Pay it Forward

Pay it forward and spread a little trail magic from afar. Stop by the Taproom and buy a pint of beer for a PCT thru-hiker here, and we will make sure your generous gift makes it to the next thirsty thru-hiker. (first-come/first-served). 


sEPT 08 2017: Thunder Island Brewing Co Launches Fundraiser for Columbia River Gorge Fire Departments

A fundraiser for our local fire departments would be a meaningful way to honor their work.
— Dave Lipps, owner of Thunder Island Brewing Co.

Support our gorge fire crews

"How can we help?" This question has been on many people’s minds since Sept  2nd, when a wildfire started along the Eagle Creek Trail one mile from Cascade Locks, Oregon in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. Currently, the fire has spread to 33,000+ acres and has jumped across the Columbia River into Washington state. As of today, there are over 900 first responder personnel working on this fire from across the Pacific Northwest. We are so grateful. 

Our local firefighter groups have been on the front lines from day one. These groups were the first to respond by providing wildland and structural fire support to our vulnerable communities. We invite you to join us and honor our Gorge first responders for their tireless efforts protecting our home with a donation to their respective fire departments. Your gift will be split equally amongst our Gorge heroes:

- Cascade Locks OR Fire & EMS
- North Bonneville WA Fire Department
- Stevenson WA - Skamania County Fire District #2
- Carson WA- Skamania County Fire District #1
- Washougal WA - Skamania County Fire District #4
- Skamania WA - Skamania County Fire District #5

The Eagle Creek fire has been burning in the Columbia River Gorge since Saturday September 1st.. This time-lapse covers a 12-hour overnight stretch of the fire when it grew quickly.