Trail Magic PINTS

What is "Trail Magic"? Trail magic is the act of lending support to long-distance Pacific Crest Trail travelers. This can be in the form of a hot shower, a home cooked meal, or even a beer purchased at a local trailside brewery! With the increase in the number of PCT hikers on the trail in the past few years, it is evermore important to ensure that the trail magic that we share adheres to Leave No Trace principles.

From the start of the trail in Mexico, Cascade Locks, Oregon is at trail mile 2155. At Thunder Island Brewing Co, we have created a Trail Magic Pint program to spread trail magic that rewards thru-hikers with a cold beer upon reaching us Cascade Locks. 

Since 2014, we have served over 1200+ Trail Magic Pints to PCT thru-hikers at Thunder Island Brewing Co. Thank you all for your contribution to Leave No Trace giving!

Pay it Forward

Pay it forward and spread a little trail magic from afar. Stop by the Taproom and buy a pint of beer for a PCT thru-hiker here, and we will make sure your generous gift makes it to the next thirsty thru-hiker. (first-come/first-served).