Thunder Island Brewing Co loves supporting local organizations that do important work in our community. Due to the high volume of requests from the many organizations that are doing wonderful work here in our region, we ask that you read through this page and fill out our donation request form rather than calling, mailing a letter or emailing us.

  • We request at least 30 day advance notice for all requests.

  • After filling out this form, you will receive a confirmation email from our staff stating whether or not we can provide a donation.

  • Donation preference goes to local organizations and non-profits that focus on promoting sustainability and protection of natural resources, preserving historical and cultural assets, outdoor recreation and education.

  • Donation requests for gift certificates, in-kind merchandise, and beer will be considered.


  • Keg donations require refundable deposits for equipment.

  • Keg donations must be made and picked up by someone who is 21 years or older. We cannot deliver keg donations.

Thanks for thinking of to support your event. Please complete the form in full. Due to the high volume of donation requests we receive, we will only contact you if we are able to fulfill your request. We will be in touch! 

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Donation Contact Person
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Date Donation is Needed
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